How did the development of the assembly line encourage the growth of the American automobile industry?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The assembly line helped to enhance the mass consumptive appeal of the automobile.  This helped to encourage the growth of the American automobile industry on a mass level.  The fact that vehicles could be developed and easily assembled on a mass scale helped to increase production.  Couple this with the growing economic class in America that sought objects and things to be purchased with their emerging money, and assembly line could be seen as increasing production and feeding a need at a time when the demand was increasing at almost the same rate.  I think that the coupling of mass consumptive desires for automobiles and the ease that assembling the product that the line offered both helped to feed the industry's growth in America.  Made famous by Ford, the reality was that the need for a product that could be relatively easily through the advent of the line helped to establish the automobile industry as something of profit and something where profit could be easily driven.  In this, the technological development that helped to increase production of a product in demand helped to create an entire industry in early 20th Century America.