How did the development of agriculture bring change to human society?

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The development of agriculture led to the rise of civilizations. People had to stay in one place in order to grow and harvest crops. They also needed buildings in order to store crops. Many civilizations in the Middle East invested in irrigation structures in order to provide for stable water. Over time, people selected the best strains of their crops in order to ensure the highest yields.

The development of agriculture led to increased trade as agricultural areas traded surplus crops for other goods. Government officials regulated trade and exchange rates—over time, government's role would expand with trade. Agriculture also led to an increase in cities; this also necessitated more governance. Scribes kept records of how much of each crop was harvested. Many civilizations in the Middle East kept crop records as part of their written histories. People also turned to using draft animals in order to pull plows more efficiently.

Agriculture also led to people taking on different jobs as...

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