How did the development of agriculture bring change to human society?

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Agricultural Revolution, which coincided with the climate change at the conclusion of the last ice age, had a dramatic impact on humanity. Farming allowed humans to form permanent settlements and abandon their nomadic ways.  Humans shifted from hunting and gathering models to fixed farming villages.  As populations increased due to the increased surplus of food, urban areas surfaced.  The surplus of food also led to developments that spawned civilization.  As an example, the increased populations and surplus of food required governments to organize the surplus and protect property.  It is also thought that religions became more sophisticated.  The surplus of food also led to the development of social classes.  Trade and a merchant class were born due to farming.  Since all people were not needed for food acquisition in farming civilizations, specialized and artistic jobs or professions were developed.  Two negative results of the Agricultural Revolution were warfare and increase in disease.

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