How did the deep puff from the American cigarette affect Muni? What was the American cigarette made with?

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Initially, upon receiving the cigarette from the red-faced man, Muni is surprised. He does not get offered cigarettes very often. In fact, he has had a proper cigarette only once before. Finding something to smoke or even matches to light it is very rare. He always wanted a nice cigarette like this, so he is pleasantly surprised. The gift of the cigarette starts to build goodwill between Muni and the other man. At first, Muni is hesitant about the man. He initially thought he might be a policeman or soldier.

After taking a puff of the cigarette Muni starts to cough. The cigarette is made of roasted tobacco and is stronger than anything Muni has smoked before. While it is a deep cough, it is also a pleasant feeling. The strength of the cigarette causes Muni's head to spin for a bit, but he soon composes himself. A little while later the red-faced man offers Muni a second cigarette. This time Muni smokes it without a problem and decides to stick around this man as long as he keeps giving out the cigarettes.

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