How did David hide his religion?From the movie "School Ties."

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

David feels that he has to hide his religion to an extent in order to assimilate to life at St. Matt's.  In the end, his concealment is because he understands that he is a minority in a predominantly Protestant or culturally majority setting.  He feels that in order to be a part of the community, he cannot fully embrace his own heritage.  When David has to pray at Rosh Hashanah after hours, it is a telling sign that he is different from the rest of the boys at the school.  His religion is something that others encourage David to conceal.  The coach advises him to tell the boys only what is needed.  At this suggestion, it is apparent that those in the position of power consider his religion to be something where shame is needed.  Additionally, no adult in the position of power really encourages David to live life at St. Matt's as a Jewish student.  Rather, the notion of needing to "blend in" is seen as synonymous with rejecting that which differentiates.  It is through this desire to be "like everyone else" in how David hides his religion.  In this light, David might have been lying and might have been engaging in deception, yet it is not something from which he directly benefited and must be seen as a product of the environment around him.