How did Dave Burdow help Jethro's family again in Across Five Aprils?

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Dave Burdow helps Jethro's family a second time when they are rebuilding their barn.  Although he is not comfortable enough to come to help with the building himself, he sends a wagonload of cut logs for them to use, with his regards (Chapter 8).

Dave Burdow first helps the Creightons when he escorts Jethro home along a dangerous stretch of road where he knows men are lying in wait to harm him.  Because his father was not up to making the trip, young Jethro had made the twenty mile journey to town to get supplies alone.  At the store, some men harass Jethro because his brother Bill is fighting for the Confederates, and Burdow, who happens to be present, perceives that they might try to give the boy trouble on his way home.  Burdow leaves, and waits along the road to escort Jethro through the dangerous area, and sure enough, a man leaps out at the bridge and tries to spook Jethro's horses.  With Dave Burdow's "strong hands on the reins", tragedy is averted, after which Burdow leaves Jethro to continue home and goes quietly on his way (Chapter 5),

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