How did Daisy and Mr. Gatsby meet in The Great Gatsby?

In The Great Gatsby, Mr. Gatsby met Daisy in 1917 when he was stationed at Camp Taylor, which was near Daisy's home in Louisville, Kentucky. The first time Gatsby met Daisy, he was with several other officers from Camp Taylor. Gatsby was attracted to Daisy and fascinated by her luxurious lifestyle. Gatsby then lied to Daisy about his background, fabricated his identity, and began seeing her until he was forced to participate in the war overseas.

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Before Jay Gatsby left to fight overseas in WWI, he met Daisy Fay in 1917 while he was stationed at Camp Taylor. The camp was close to Daisy's home in Louisville, Kentucky. In chapter eight, Gatsby elaborates on his initial affair with Daisy and tells Nick that she was the first "nice" girl he ever met. Gatsby first visited Daisy's home with some fellow officers from Camp Taylor; he was captivated by her beauty and luxurious lifestyle. Gatsby mentions that he was amazed by her casual wealth and breathtaking home.
After meeting Daisy for the first time, Gatsby visited her alone and began seeing her under false pretenses. Jay Gatsby recognized that Daisy would never be interested in him if she knew the truth about his background and social class, so he fabricated a entire identity and life story—the identity he retained until his death.
Gatsby led Daisy to believe that he also hailed from an affluent family and occupied the same social class as her. Eventually, Gatsby solidified his...

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