How did the Crusades impact the Renaissance? 

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The Renaissance was a rebirth of Classical thought and ideas in Western Europe. For centuries, the Byzantines and Arabs had been the custodians of the works and writings of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. When the Crusaders weren't fighting these people, they were learning from them. They came to realize that Europe had once been a place of scholarship and wealth. When they returned to their homelands, many Crusaders brought back Classical works, or at least Classical ideas and philosophies. This sparked the movement that would become the Renaissance.

Furthermore, the Crusades established many trade routes with the East. Italian merchants realized that they could make a lot of money transporting Crusaders to the Holy Land. While they were at it, they traded with the peoples of this region and reconnected with merchants of the Silk Road. This brought a lot of wealth into Europe, especially the Italian city-states. It should then come as no surprise that the Renaissance began in Italy. The...

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