How did Congress respond to the threat of terrorism after 9/11?A) by strengthening protections on civil liberties // B) by passing the USA PATRIOT Act // C) by quarantining people who had...

How did Congress respond to the threat of terrorism after 9/11?





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In my mind, I think that B is the most logical answer.  The passage of the Patriot Act after the attacks of 9.11 represents a Congressional response to the threat of terrorism.  The issue of anthrax and other biological threats were not something that Congress responded to as much as different branches of the executive branch.  The climate of fear and insecurity that gripped the nation also gripped Congress and the paradigm that was evident in much of the country was that some sacrifice of civil liberties was needed in order to preserve security. Few, if any, were arguing at the time that the two are not incompatible with one another.  This would make option A not viable.  Finally, the declaration of war on Iraq did not happen immediately after the attacks on September 11, and the link between the war in Iraq and the attacks of that fateful day is still under severe questioning and scrutiny.  This makes the second option the best of the four.

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