How did the Confederate government mobilize soldiers, citizens, and resources to wage a total war? What challenges did this cause between the classes throughout the Confederacy?

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The Confederate government had a large number of volunteers at the onset because it had the support of the people in the South. As the war raged on, more resources had to be obtained including soldiers. During the war, the Confederate government was forced to trade in their high quality cotton for arms procured from the British.

The Confederacy had to implement draft laws in order to cover the shortfalls in manpower within their ranks. There was also growing need to increase their numbers to adequately face the Union, which was engaged in similar efforts. The Confederate government also made concessions to allow for exemption and substitution for the conscription. This sought to maintain the economy during the war, by leaving out people who were deemed vital to the stability of the economy. However, it was such policies that resulted in class conflicts within the Confederacy because the policies were viewed to be in favor of the wealthy. The upper classes had the option to pay for substitutes or earn exemptions based on their stations and avoid direct involvement in the war. This effectively shifted the burden of war to the lower classes within the Confederate society.

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