How did colonization affect the colonizers?  

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Colonization affected the colonizers in several ways. The countries that created colonies benefited from them economically. They were able to get resources cheaper from the colonies than they could if they bought the resources from other countries. They also were able to sell the finished products from their factories to the people who lived in the colonies.

The colonizing country was affected politically. They were able to become stronger as a nation by controlling the colonies. They were able to develop military bases around the world to protect their trade. These bases could be used in case of war. Sometimes, the colonizing country had to put down rebellions that occurred in the colonies. There were times when the colonies gained their freedom by fighting for their independence. There were times that running a colony became very expensive.

Colonizing countries were able to spread their way of life. Missionaries would come and convert people to Christianity. The colonizing country could show the people who lived in the colony how to develop a political and an educational system, how to build a strong economy, and how to live a productive life. This allowed the colonizers to spread their way of living.

The colonizers were impacted in several ways by having colonies.