How did the colonists win the American Revolution from 1775 to 1783?  

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There were several factors that helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War. One factor was the Americans were dedicated to the cause for which they were fighting. The Americans were fighting for their independence. There was something very tangible to be gained by winning the Revolutionary War. Some of the colonists were also fighting for their lives. If the colonists lost, some of the leaders could have been tried for treason and killed. Some of the British soldiers were hired soldiers. They didn’t have as much at stake in the outcome of the war.

George Washington was a brilliant leader, unlike some of the British generals. Washington helped to develop wise strategies and was able to adjust as needed. Washington knew the longer the war lasted, the less the people of Great Britain would support the war. Having the British chase the colonists around the countryside was a brilliant move as it allowed the war to last longer. The British generals, on the other hand, made many blunders. General Howe didn’t follow the plan for cutting New England off from the rest of the colonies. He went to Philadelphia instead. General Burgoyne moved so slowly because he carried so many luxury items that weren't needed for battle. Washington was able to adjust his plans to take advantage of opportunities. When he realized he could trap the British fleet at Yorktown, he adjusted his plans to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Americans were able to get help from France and Spain who were Britain’s rivals. The money, supplies, and training these countries provided to us were very helpful in leading us to victory.

There were many factors that help lead us to victory in the Revolutionary War.

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