How Did Cnn Change Television News?

fact-finder | Student

Cable News Network (CNN) forever changed television news by making it available twenty-four hours a day. When Ted Turner (1938– ) put CNN on the air on June 1, 1980, however, it was met with skepticism. Some critics thought Turner was making a mistake by providing news around the clock. Nevertheless, the concept of all-day programming allowed CNN to cover more stories with more detail. This made the American audience eager for more information, providing an alternative to other news sources available on television. By 1991, when CNN gave live coverage of the Persian Gulf War, newspapers reported that the American public could no longer turn the news station off. CNN had captured the public's curiosity for live, upto-the-minute coverage.

Due to its success, CNN continued to expand, reaching Africa, Asia, and the Middle East via satellite by 1989. It has become synonymous with the modern concept of the "global marketplace" and has revolutionized the news industry. The company received multiple journalism awards and earned international respect as a source of information while turning a huge profit at the same time.

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