How did class, gender, and ethnicity influence pursuit of crimes in the 19th century Chicago? Specific examples, I can't seem to find any.

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All of these things had a lot to do with crime in Chicago in the 1800's. The working class was forced to work long, hard hours. This led to the Haymarket Crisis. Workers went on strike to protest and because of this there was a riot in which a bomb was thrown and there was a lot of gunfire. Many people died, including police officers and protesters. People were arrested and some executed.

Jane Addams Hull House is also a great example. Jane Addams helped so many disadvantaged people including women, children, minorities, and people with disabilities. This house was located in a part of town that had a lot of crime such as theft, prostitution, and vandalism. She fought against these crimes by trying to help people better themselves.

Women were also treated poorly during this era. They worked for unequal wages and they also worked very long hours. Children worked as well.

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