In Fahrenheit 451, how does Clarisse's death affect Montag?

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At the beginning of the story, Montag meets his charismatic, intuitive teenage neighbor, Clarisse McClellan, who is unlike anyone he has ever met. Clarisse is depicted as a gentle, unique teenager and inspires Montag to examine his life when she asks him if he is happy. Montag forms a close bond with Clarisse, and their interactions motivate him to question his destructive occupation and think about changing the trajectory of his life. Montag then experiences a traumatic incident at work when he witnesses a woman commit suicide with her books. During the incident, Montag instinctively steals a book and returns home.

Once Montag returns home, he is perplexed and deeply depressed. Montag proceeds to get into bed, and Mildred casually tells him that Clarisse McClellan is dead when he asks if she's seen her. Montag is appalled and disgusted by the news, which has a profound effect on him. The next day, Montag refuses to go into work and has decided that he should finally read some of the...

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