How did the Civil War affect the Native Americans?

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zzzmegzzz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Native Americans were deeply involved in the Civil War. They served on both sides of the war fighting for both the South and the North. 28,693 Native Americans fought in the war. Native Americans were hoping to be on the right side of the war as to win favor with the conquerers. They were hoping to gain freedom and win their lands through their pledges to the US government. Instead the US government's genocide against Native Americans continued  after the civil war.

Some of the battles occurred on Native American Lands. July 1-2, 1863 saw the First Battle of Creek Cabin. Another battle took place at Horse Head Creek in Arkansas on February 17, 1864. 

In 1861, the Cherokees had their own civil war. The Nation was divided in half with half fighting for the South and the other for the North. The chief at the time was John Ross, who signed a treaty with the US Government of the Confederacy. Federal troops took Ross, and then Colonel Watie was the chief of the Cherokee and drafted all males 18-50 into the Confederate army. The population of the Cherokees went from 21,000 to 15,000 during the war and after the war the entire nation was considered disloyal.