How did Christopher Columbus interact with the Indians when he first met them?

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alohaspirit eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The "real" interaction is finally being taught and put out there for the public to read about, and it was not this perfect picture of discovery and building relationships.  Christopher Columbus along with many other explorers abused the native peoples by raping, murdering, and subjecting them to their way of life.  Also Europeans brought with them disease that was foreign to the natives so for the most part many of them died which depleted their populations.  It was a discovery and allowed for more exploration and the creation of the "new world", but if we look at this from a human point of view, it was not right or fair for the natives to be treated like that, and in the end as a people do we want to think discovery is more important than human rights?

swimma-logan | Student

Well, let it first be established that Christopher Columbus was NOT, in fact the first to the Americas. He found his way here, as his father-in-law gave him a map showing how to get there. (he was a knight templar [ergo Columbus's flags], and they came here with the vikings...let me know if you're interested in learning more about that) Anyway, it has been read in Columbus's diary that he raped, tortured and killed the natives, not to mention exposing them to diseases for which they had no deffense. In spite of all this, I'm still quite a fan of what Columbus did.

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