How did the children feel when they discovered  the truth about Scipio? In the book The Theif Lord.

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In the Thief Lord, by Cornelia Flunke Scipio Fortunato, the Thief Lord is not all that he seems. When Prosper and Bo first meet Scipio, they are introduced to a character that presents himself as a bandit who steals from the rich to support the orphans in his employ. Their hideout is an abandoned movie theater (The Stella). The items that Scipio steals from the wealthy families are in turn sold to Ernesto Barbarossa. It is revealed that Dottore Massimo owns the Stella through Victor's detective work. During his conversation with Dottore, Scipio's true identity is introduced to the reader. He is in fact Scipio Massimo. (Chapter 17)

When Victor is ambushed and tied up by the orphans, he and Riccio, Prosper, and Bo get into an argument. Victor in a fit of anger tells them that they will find the truth about the Thief Lord if they go to Fondamenta Bollani number 223. There, he tells them, they will find the truth about the Thief Lord. (Chapter 23)

Following Victor's directions, the orphans arrive at the mansion. The illusion of the Thief Lord is shattered as Prosper and Bo enter the house and discover Scipio's secret. He is the son of Dottore Massimo.  

The boy's initial reactions are different. Bo isn't fazed by the new information and plays in the fountain while they are waiting. He greets Scipio happily when he comes down the stairs. Prosper,, on the other hand feels that he has been deceived. When Scipio offers to explain, Prosper wants him to explain to the entire group. Scipio avoids going outside, promising to explain later. Prosper deduces correctly that Scipio is not a thief. In fact, everything that has been sold to Dottre Massimo under this pretense has been from Scipio's home, and Scipio’s father owns the theater rather than being an excellent hideout Scipio found. (He has been letting himself in with the key not his excellent thief skills.) This new revelation hurts Prosper.  

Page 159: 

"Prosper looked at Scipio contemptuously, but inside he felt numb with sadness and disappointment."

Bo, on the other hand, continues to be optimistic about the situation as he tries to comfort his brother.  

"It's not that bad, Prop," said Bo, looking at his brother with big worried eyes.  "It's not that bad."

Once everything is revealed to the orphan gang, they continue to remain stalwart in stealing the wing, even if Scipio is a fraud.  They determine to do it without him.  

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