How did Call it Courage influence people of today's world?Help me understand how it helped people of today.

myreec | Student

Call It Courage is a story about a young boy named Mafutu who experienced his mother's death as she tried to save him from a dreadful sea storm. Since her death, Mafutu has feared the sea. In his culture, fishing is the main source of livelihood. His brothers and other members of his society belittle him. His father is ashamed of him. His only friends are a dog and an albatross. Striving to prove his courage, Mafutu sets out at night to sail across and hunt for sharks.


This story influences people of today because like Mafutu many of us have fears (some may be due to traumas) that prevent us from achieving. In order to prove ourselves we will strike out on on own, determined to face our fears. In doing so, we often hold on to certain beliefs just as Mafutu, as he believed in the sea and storm god. These beliefs may make us stronger or prevent us from moving forward. Believing in ones self is the underlying theme of the story.

Overall, the story influences a sense of confidence in oneself. Setting a goal and facing all obstacles to achieve that goal.