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How did Britain take advantage of the British colonies in the French and Indian War?

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The British took full advantage of the colonies during the French and Indian War. One way this was done was by using the colonists as soldiers in the British army. For example, George Washington was the leader in some of the battles the British fought against the French. The British colonists were also more committed to the cause for which they were fighting than were the French soldiers, many of whom were professional soldiers hired to fight in this war.

The British also used the location of their colonies to attack the French. The British colonies and the area ruled by France were right next to each other. The British were able to launch attacks from their colonies against the French in the Ohio Valley and in Canada. The British colonies were also easier to defend. Since the British colonies were on the coast, they could be defended easier. The French controlled more land, which was more difficult to defend.

One of the reasons for establishing colonies is to help a country in time of war. The British colonies were very helpful to the British war effort in the French and Indian War.

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