In To Kill a Mockingbird, how does Bob Ewell die?

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Bob Ewell is killed by Boo Radley. This happens on Halloween, when Jem and Scout are walking home from the pagent at school and Mr Ewell tries to attack them. Boo Radley sees what is happening and rushes out to save Jem and Scout. However, Heck Tate and Atticus do not want to tell the town what really happened, because dragging Boo into the limelight would be cruel after so many years of staying in his house. In the end they decide to say that Bob Ewell fell on his own knife.

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Atticus believes that Jem killed Bob Ewell.  When Jem and Scout were on their way back from the Halloween Party, there was a scuffle between Jem, Scout, Bob Ewell, and a mysterious figure (believed to be Boo Radley).  Bob Ewell died as a result of that scuffle and being that Atticus only saw Jem as a result of it, he believed that Jem took Bob's life.

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Bob Ewell was killed by Boo Radley. On the night of Halloween, while the children walked back home from a school festival, Bob Ewell wanted to get revenge on Atticus by trying to kill the children. Luckily though Boo Radley was there and was able to stick a kitchen knife in Bob Ewell. The book never really outright states that Boo Radley was the one that killed Bob Ewell but there were little passages throughout chapter 30 that indicated it. For example, Heck Tate stated that he took the switchblade from a "drunk man downtown" (Ch 30). Obviously the switchblade belonged to Bob Ewell considering from the previous chapter Scout stated that she smelled the smell of whiskey. But where did the kitchen knife come from? Heck Tate knew that Boo Radley was the one who committed the murder, but didn't want Radley to be in the spotlight because after years of hiding from society, Tate understood that it would be difficult for Boo Radley to adjust to the crowd.

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Bob Ewell is killed by Boo Radley. However, they pretend and close the case off by saying that Bob Ewell was killed by falling on his own knife. Bob tried to kill the children, but luckily with Boo Radley there, Bob was able to be stopped (and Killed) and the children were able to be safe.                                                   

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Bob Ewell died. He was killed by Boo Radley. when boo heard the kids screaming, he came and saved them by killing bob. he carried jem to the finches house but scout still didnt know that is was boo radley who saved them.

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