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How did the Bhakti movement influence Indian society?

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During medieval times, the Bhakti movement developed in India. This movement focused on a devotion to God. The teachings of the Bhakti emphasized open-mindedness toward others and a belief in equality among people. During this time, the Hindus were being ruled by the Muslims. The Bhakti movement actually provided hope for the Hindus and helped both sides become more accepting of the other’s beliefs. Hindus began to worship Muslim saints and Muslims began to respect the Hindu beliefs and their gods.

Followers of the Bhakti movement also questioned the caste system, a very ingrained component of Indian culture. Therefore, the Bhakti beliefs became very popular among Hindus who were lower in the caste system. Additionally, the Bhakti movement helped develop a common vernacular that all people could understand. The influences of the Bhakti movement later resulted in the development of Sikhism.

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