How did Beowulf show loyalty in the story?

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Nearly everything that Beowulf does over the course of his grand exploits and adventures is done for the sake of loyalty. Indeed, loyalty is perhaps one of Beowulf's most defining characteristics and therefore a characteristic for heroes the world over.

From the very beginning of his legacy, when Beowulf answers the call to aid Hrothgar, it is done for the sake of loyalty. Hrothgar had assisted his father in settling a particularly troublesome feud that the latter could not have resolved himself many years ago. Without hesitation, Beowulf comes to the aid of Hrothgar because he intends to honor the debt that he owes in the stead of his father, even if it means his death at the hands of the fearsome Grendel.

Beowulf is so fiercely loyal that he inspires loyalty in those around him, as his men often stay by his side in the most dire of circumstances. Even when all have left the mead hall out of the fear of Grendel, Beowulf's warriors stay by his side for support. When he is battling to his...

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