Twilight Questions and Answers
by Stephenie Meyer

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How did Bella and Edward first meet?

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The first interaction between Bella and Edward is at the beginning of Biology class right after lunch. During lunch, a chatty girl named Jessica Stanley directs Bella's attention to the Cullens, a group of five incredibly good-looking people. Bella is immediately interested in them, as is everyone else thanks to how attractive they are. After lunch, Bella goes to her Biology class, and when the teacher, Mr. Banner, points her to her seat, she sees that she will be sharing a table with Edward Cullen. Nervously, she takes her seat next to him, and he immediately seems repulsed by her: he scoots as far away as he can while remaining at the table, and his posture is tense the entire class. She is concerned by his reaction, thinking that she smells bad. As soon as the bell rings, Edward is out of the room, leaving Bella extremely confused.

In the end, it was not exactly the best first impression on Edward's part.

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