How did Baudelaire contribute to the development of dandyism?

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Charles Baudelaire coined the term "modernity," so it is not surprising that he also contributed to the philosophy of dandyism. Baudelaire expanded the definition and philosophical beliefs of dandyism by promoting a metaphysical form of the lifestyle.

During the early developments of dandyism, its practice was limited to aesthetics or fashion. However, Baudelaire believed that the dandy should apply the aesthetics of beauty in all things, not just in one's appearance. Baudelaire stated that dandyism is related to Romanticism—not just from an aesthetic context, but in terms of philosophy as well.

In addition to Romanticism, Baudelaire's opinion on dandyism also seems similar to the ideals of the Enlightenment. For instance, Baudelaire believed that a dandy should try to improve himself and that the beautiful clothing, manner of speaking, and overall appearance of the dandy is just a physical representation of a beautiful mind and soul.

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