How did Baroka seduce Sidi in The Lion and the Jewel?

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Chief Baroka uses his wisdom, power, and cunning tactics to seduce Sidi into marrying him. Throughout his endeavors, he uses his wife Sadiku as the pawn in the game plan. Sidi, the "jewel," gets arrogant when she realizes that her face has been published in a foreign paper. She arrogantly turns down Baroka's proposal, calling him an old Bale. She tells Sadiku, who has been sent to ask for her hand in marriage, that she will not marry Baroka, because she is too young and beautiful for him.

He's old. . . . To think I took

No notice of my velvet skin

Sadiku then asks Sidi to at least come to the chief's house for supper. She also turns down that offer. She fears that if she enters into Baroka's house, she will be seduced like all the other women who have done the same.

Baroka puts in place the final plan to get the "jewel" hooked. He lies to Sadiku, telling her he is impotent, knowing that she will spread the word. True to his expectations, Sadiku goes out spreading the word. When Sadiku tells Sidi about Baroka's predicament, she agrees to come to his house for supper, intending to mock him. She is also convinced that the supposedly impotent man will not make any sexual advances toward her.

With the bait set, Baroka now uses the opportunity to woo her with his wise words and power. He promises Sidi that he will put her face on all national stamps. Sidi, who seems to care more than anything about her face going national, is charmed by this offer. In the end, she says that she was convinced by his wisdom and masculinity. Just like all the other women who enter Baroka's house, Sidi becomes wife to the Bale.

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After Sidi discovers that her images have been printed in a foreign magazine, she becomes extremely vain and arrogant. When Baroka initially asks for her hand in marriage, she ridicules him for being old and jealous. When Sidi rejects Baroka's offer to have dinner at his home, he devises a plan to woo her. Baroka tells one of his wives, Sadiku, that he is impotent. Baroka knows Sadiku will spread the false rumor, which she does. Sadiku ends up telling the information to Sidi. Sidi believes that Baroka is impotent and says she no longer fears his cunning ways. Sidi then visits Baroka's home in an attempt to mock him to his face. When Sidi arrives, however, Baroka shows Sidi a machine that makes stamps and promises Sidi that every stamp leaving Ilujinle will have her image printed on it. He then impresses Sidi with his wisdom during their conversation and is able to woo and seduce her. The following day, Sidi agrees to marry Baroka and tells Lakunle that she was very impressed with Baroka's zest and masculinity.

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