How did the band Echo and the Bunneymen contribute to rock music?

Expert Answers
Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The band Echo & the Bunnymen contributed to rock music originally through fusing post-punk and Doors-inspired psychedelic sounds. It further contributed to rock music by being one of England's most prosperous and important popular (pop) bands throughout the 1980’s.

The band is releasing a new album this year, which goes by the name “Meteorites”. Echo & the Bunnymen in 2014 are Ian McCulloch & Will Sergeant. This year, the band’s tour consists of dates in the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe, as well as many dates in the United States. The original Echo & the Bunnymen consisted of McCulloch, Sergeant, Les Pattison, and later Pete de Freitas was added to the band’s roster. The band will play the play the Rapha Tempest Festival in Leeds, England on July 5, 2014.

In 1987, the band released a self-titled album Echo & the Bunnymen. It became their biggest U.S. hit. It reached No. 51 on the charts. In England it reached No. 4 on the charts. Last year, Ian McCulloch released the studio album “Pro Patria Mori” as well as the concert album “Live at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral”. 

Echo & the Bunneymen received the Q Inspiration award in 2002. This particular award is for inspiring "new generations of musicians, songs and music lovers in general." It was said that the band were commendable winners because they have done much to promote the Mersey music scene in England.