How did the band Danzig contribute to heavy metal music?

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Danzig, named for songwriter and vocalist Glenn Danzig, is a heavy metal band founded in Lodi, New Jersey in 1987.  Originally known as Samhain, the group consists of, in addition to its namesake, Bassist Eerie Von, guitarist John Christ, and drummer Chuck Biscuits.  Danzig’s music and marketing emphasize demonic and gothic imagery, with CD covers representing a throwback to the heavy metal bands of the 1960s and 1970s.  As with most bands, the lineup has changed over the years, with Danzig the only original member of the band still with the group that bears his name.  By 1995, the other three original members of Danzig had left.  Danzig’s album titles speak quite well to the songwriter’s inspirations: “Lucifuge,” “How the Gods Kill,” “Blackacidevil,” “Satan’s Child,” “Circle of Snakes,” and “Deth Red Sabaoth.” 

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