How did the band Babes in Toyland contribute to rock music?

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Put together in 1987, the band “Babes in Toyland” contributed to rock music through advancing its brand of punk music. The band was a lean configuration. It originally had four band members. However, it did pare down to three members and it employed a hard-driving style to its brand of punk rock. This female band, as a trio, consisted of Kat Bjelland on guitar, Maureen Herman on bass, and Lori Barbero on drums.

Babes in Toyland originated in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band’s debut recording was called “Spanking Machine”. The band’s second album was called “Fontanelle”. In 1993, it recorded another record going by the name “Painkillers”. In 1995, Babes in Toyland put out another recording entitled “Nemesisters”.

The bands 2001 musical offering to the public was “Minneapolism: Live – The Last Tour”. Songs on this release included ‘Oh Yeah”, “Bruise Violet”, “Drivin”, “Ripe”, “He’s My Thing”, “Spit to See the Shine”, as well as many other tunes.

On the Billboard charts, the band’s single “Sweet ‘69’ peaked at number 37 in 1995 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. In addition, its single “We Are Family” peaked at number 22 in 1995 on the Dance Music/ Club Play Singles chart. Prior to forming the band in 1987, Babes in Toyland’s Kat Bjelland played in the San Francisco area for a number of years in diverse bands.


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