How did the aunt punish children in "The Lumber Room"? 

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Hello! You asked about The Lumber Room by Saki.

At the beginning of the story, we find out that Nicholas is in disgrace. A frog has been discovered in his basin of bread-and-milk. Although his elders insist that there could not possibly be a frog in his basin, he declares that there is indeed one in there. After all, he put it there himself. For this trespass, Nicholas will not be going to Jagborough Sands with his cousins.

His aunt has hastily invented 'the Jagborough expedition in order to impress on Nicholas the delights that he has justly forfeited by his disgraceful conduct at the breakfast-table.' Whenever any of the children misbehave, she would organize an exciting trip or an event in which the offender would be rigorously barred from participating. If all the children misbehave collectively, all would be suddenly made aware of a wonderful circus in a neighboring town, with unsurpassed entertainment and untold number of elephants present. All the children would then be told that they would have been taken to this circus that very day if they had not misbehaved.

This is how the aunt punishes misbehaving children in 'The Lumber Room.'

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