How did Augustus' rise to power mark a significant change in Rome's form of government

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The principate of Augustus Caesar marked the transition of Rome from Republic to Empire. Many changes were instituted in governance and balance of power, especially centralization of many of the offices previously held by members of the Senatorial class in the person of the Emperor. Augustus marked a major stage in the diminution of the power of the Senate and rise of the equestrian class. In administration, he employed imperial slaves who were technically members of his household, in many important administrative positions. He was especially important in securing direct imperial administration over Egypt and control of her vast grain resources to feed the poor of Rome. He greatly enlarged the empire and was responsible for the Pax Romana.

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The rise of Augustus marked the end of the Roman republic although both Augustus and the ruling class of Rome continued to pretend that the republic still existed.  This was a fiction and over time increasing amounts of power were centred in the figure of the princeps (first citizen).

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