How did Auggie’s mom act as he left with the kids for the tour in Wonder?

Although Auggie’s mom acts encouraging as he leaves with the kids for the tour in Wonder, her face conveys the deep sense of worry that she feels about placing Auggie in this new situation.

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When they arrive at his new school, Auggie first meets Mr. Tushman, the principal. Mr. Tushman introduces him to Mrs. Garcia, his assistant, and they spend a bit of time talking about the school before Auggie hears kids' voices outside the office door.

Auggie begins to panic internally. He has learned how intentionally cruel kids can be about his appearance, and his confidence begins to falter. Mr. Tushman tells Auggie that he thinks it's a good idea for him to meet some of the other students who will be in his class when school begins. He assures Auggie that the kids are friendly, but Auggie remains unconvinced. Auggie turns to his mother, insisting that he doesn't want to meet anyone.

Auggie's mother tries to restore his confidence. She fiercely whispers that things are going to be okay, and Mr. Tushman opens the door, letting the kids in. He asks the students to take Auggie on a short tour of the school, asking Auggie whether a tour of approximately a half hour sounds okay. Auggie doesn't respond. Auggie's mother intervenes, asking Auggie to answer the question.

Auggie wants his mother to recognize how upset he is about this tour. However, when he really looks at her face, he sees that she is terrified herself. Although she is trying to build Auggie's confidence, giving him the strength to face a new school with new kids, she is deeply worried because she loves him and understands how scary this situation is for him. Her final words are hopeful, telling Auggie that she will see him soon in a voice that is a higher pitch than normal.

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