How did Aristotle's work lay the groundwork for the scientific method to develop during the 1600s? 

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although Aristotle did not really use the modern scientific method, his methods did set the stage for full-fledged science later on.  

Aristotle was organized in his approach to science.  He would define a problem and present what other people had said about that issue.  Then he would present his own findings about the issue.  This is how scientific papers are written even today.

Aristotle also laid the foundation for later science in his methods.  He relied a great deal on observation rather than simply thinking about things the way that people like Plato did.  Aristotle did not take the need for observation as far as it would be taken in the 1600s, but he did help to start science in this direction.

pranitingale | Student

○○ we cannot say fully but he had given them the start to categorise animals into different kingdoms, this work was done further by many animals such as R. WHITTAKER, WOESE etc

his methods were not scientific almost.. for e.g. he differenciated animals on the basis that where they live. such as birds in air, animals on land, fishes in water several problems get arosed on his theories....

therefore we cannot say he laid a full base of categorizing organisms as done by whittaker by 5-KINGDOM CLASSIFICATION... BECOZ IT WAS THE ONLY START OF TAXONOMY AS WELL As EVOLUTION...........

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