How did Ariel and Caliban come to be Prospero's servants? Compare and contrast them and their attitudes toward Prospero.

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After Prospero and Miranda wash up on the largely deserted island, Prospero is able to use his magic to release Ariel, an airy spirit, from a cloven pine tree where he has been painfully trapped for a dozen years. He was put in the tree by the witch Sycorax in revenge for not carrying out her cruel commands. In return for being freed from the tree, Ariel becomes Prospero's servant.

Caliban is Sycorax's son. When Prospero first arrives on the island, helpless and dependent, Caliban shows him how to survive. Prospero, at least in Caliban's account, enslaves him once he has obtained all his knowledge. Caliban is deeply resentful of this, saying he is the rightful heir and ruler of the island. He would like to kill Prospero but lacks the power to do so. Many have read his story in recent years as the truth of how colonialism was accomplished: pretend friendship to the natives, learn what they have to teach, and then oppress and enslave them. Prospero, of course, has a different story:...

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