In Greek mythology, how did Ares feel about women?

Expert Answers

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It is difficult to find any definitive answer to the question, but assuming that Ares felt some loyalty towards his daughter, which he appeared to, he may have been in some ways rather liberal in his attitudes given that she was the leader of the Amazons, a powerful tribe of women that existed in the myths of the Greeks and may have had some basis in reality as well.

He was certainly enamored of several godesses and had an appreciation for beauty in the female form as he chased Aphrodite pretty heavily (though apparently he was once caught red handed and rather embarassed by the affair) but this doesn't necessarily do a great deal to display his feelings towards women in general.  As the god of war, one would assume a relatively mysogynistic bent, but again, this is not necessarily available from the stories and descriptions of him.

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