What are good qualities the monster shows before he kills William?Thank you to anyone who can help with the response!

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the moment the creature opens his eyes, he displays nothing but  innocence, a need for affection, and a necessity to connect to his maker. These are not even his good qualities; these are his inherent qualities. In the creature we see the reality of every human who has not yet been untouched by malice, sin, guilt, anger, or injustice. The creature is genuine, needy, honest, open-hearted, and curious.

The creature's first encounter with adversity occurs when Victor sees him and runs away from him in panic. Since the creature has yet to see his face and appearance, he wonders in the forest where we can see his truly good qualities come to life.

The first thing we notice is his love for others. He reaches out for his creator, Victor, and gets rejected bitterly. He reaches out for the first family that he sees in a house when he wanders outside of the laboratory, and they also reject him. When he finally chooses to hide, he begins to watch the DeLaceys and, when they are gone, he collects food which he leaves at the door of their house. The creature has a heart for the needs of others.

A second redeeming quality is his passion for the arts: Music, literature, poetry. The creature greatly enjoys and actively listens to the music played by DeLacey on the guitar. He also reads Paradise Lost and is able to understand the philosophy of the book.

Another good quality that is worthy of mention is the creature's intelligence. Victor may not have liked the looks of the creature, but he surely would have wanted to know that his creation teaches himself to speak, educates himself with books and philosophy, and to top everything, he has a good heart. All this comes to end, however, when the creature realizes that he has been brought to life out of caprice, that he is a monster, and that he is meant to be alone forever. This is when anger sets in and all changes for the worst.

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