The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

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How did Anne Frank's life change from her twelfth birthday to her thirteenth birthday when she received her diary which was later published as Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl ?

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Anne Frank and her family lived in Amsterdam, her father having left Germany after Hitler won the election in 1933. Anne and her sister, Margot, excelled at school but with the German invasion of the Netherlands, the girls were forced, by a decree, to attend a Jewish school, segregated from their friends, from 1941, the year Anne turned 12 years old. By December 1941, Anne's father, to protect and provide for his family, had resigned his directorships and transferred his business interests to ensure that, whilst he could earn only a moderate income, his businesses would not be closed down such as other Jewish owned businesses. 

During 1942, when Anne was 12 years old, the family managed as best they could. Anne's grandmother, who had moved in with the family, died during the year and restrictions on Jews increased. Anne, a budding actress, extroverted and assured, loved the movies but was unable to attend showings any longer as Jews were forbidden access from 1941. 

Just before her 13th birthday, Anne's father bought her an autograph book that she had been admiring. Only weeks later, the family moved into hiding, which Anne's father had been preparing for, so that Margot, who was older than Anne, would not have to report for duty at a "work camp." Anne had already started recording her thoughts in her diary by this time.

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Anne and her family were subject to many restrictions when the Nazi's invaded the Netherlands in 1940.  She had to only attend a Jewish school, could not ride on trolley cars, could not go to the movies, and had to turn in her bike.  Her father had to resign as director of his business to prevent it from being taken over by the Nazi's.  By her 13th birthday, the restrictions had gotten more heavy.  When Margo, her sister gets the call to come to the work camp one month after Anne turned 13, the father decided to take the family into hiding.