Role Of Anne Sullivan In Helen Keller Life

In The Story of My Life, how did Anne Sullivan provide Helen with hope for a succesful future and faith that the world would recognise her and love her?

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In The Story of My Life, Helen Keller holds Anne Sullivan in the highest esteem and is forever indebted to her for her enormous efforts, working far beyond expectations and ensuring Helen's ongoing success in everything she does. Helen even recalls the day Miss Sullivan arrives as being "The most important day I remember in all my life."(Ch 4) It is the methods of teaching that allow Helen to thrive ensuring that each new experience, including the negative ones, allows Helen to "learn from life itself." (Ch 7)

Chapter six reveals Anne Sullivan's dedication and Helen's beginning appreciation for Annie as they "discuss" the meaning of love and Helen grasps her first abstract idea as she has to "think." 

Helen attends the Cambridge School and has already set her sights on attending college - namely Radcliffe.  Annie Sullivan spells the words into Helen's hand and others try to help - and to relieve Annie who works so hard. As much as they helped, "there was only one hand that could turn drudgery into pleasure." (Ch 18) As Helen goes on successfully, she learns to take solace and enjoyment from the pleasure of others when her own problems threaten to overwhelm her "and we feel its healing touch" (Ch 23)

Everything Helen does and everywhere she goes, she is accompanied by "Teacher." Annie Sullivan is a constant inspiration and tireless advocate for Helen, enabling her to help not only herself but many others who find inspiration in Helen Keller's life story.