How did Anne and her family reach the secret annex?  

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Anne and her family, along with four other Jews, hid in the Secret Annex in the building where Mr. Frank formerly had his office. To reach the Secret Annex, the family ascended the staircase from the hallway on the first floor up to the third floor. At the top of the stairs, there was a landing. To the left, there was a door that led to the area where the workers stored spices and to the attic and loft in the front of the building. To the right of the landing, there was a plain grey door that led to the Secret Annex. Once they entered that door, there was a staircase straight ahead and, to the left, a hallway that fed into their living room.

To get to the Secret Annex to start their hiding, the Frank family wore extra sets of clothes, as they could not be seen carrying suitcases. Instead, they carried schoolbags and shopping bags and walked (except for Margot, who rode her bike), wearing their yellow stars, to Mr. Frank's office building. There, Miep, a sympathetic office worker who helped the Franks, conducted them up the staircase to the annex.

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