How did Anne Frank die?

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Anne Frank lived undetected in hiding with her family for two years.  As Jews, the Frank family chose to hide with several others in a secret annex to avoid deportation by the Nazis.  They lived in the hidden annex at the top of a large building in Amsterdam.  Someone tipped off the Nazis about their presence, and their annex was raided in 1944.  Anne and her family were arrested, and then sent to a transit camp.  From the transit camp, the Frank family was sent by train to Auschwitz.  Anne and her sister, Margot, were later sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

At both Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, Anne Frank became sickly.  She developed scabies and she became thin and frail.  A lack of recorded documents means that no definite cause of death can be identified for Anne Frank.  It is generally assumed that she died from typhus, or typhoid fever, in the winter or spring of 1945.

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