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Anne Frank described herself as "a bundle of contradictions." In her last diary entry from Tuesday, August 1, 1944, she states that she rejects other people's opinions of her and that she often feels like she knows best and must have the last word in a conversation or fight; she recognizes that these are antagonistic and unpleasant characteristics. That being said, Anne also recognizes that she has many good qualities, including a sense of cheerfulness, the ability to find joy in the world around her, and an appreciation for humor and lightness.

Anne sees these contradictions as rivaling components of herself and is fearful that she will be rejected or labeled as "ridiculous and sentimental" if she shows the world her vulnerability and sensitivity. Anne has a reputation of "being boy-crazy as well as a flirt, a smart aleck and a reader of romances," who "laughs, gives a flippant reply, shrugs her shoulders and pretends she doesn't give a darn." She thinks of her inner self as deeper, purer, but also weaker; the nice Anne has "never made a single appearance, though she almost always takes the stage when [she is] alone." 

Anne describes this back-and-forth best as follows:

If I'm being completely honest, I'll have to admit that it does matter to me, that I am trying very hard to change myself, but that I'm always up against a more powerful enemy.

This enemy is Anne's public persona: the girl who rivals the sensitive and thoughtful young woman who is revealed in her diary. 

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