The Diary of a Young Girl Questions and Answers
by Anne Frank

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How did Anne feel about her grandmother?

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Steph Müller eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Anne Frank's grandmother, who died of natural causes before the Frank family was forced into hiding in the annex, was extremely loved by Anne, who draws on fond memories of her grandmother to help her through some of her darkest days.

Anne has a number of dreams about her grandmother while in the annex. For example, her diary entry dated 29 December, 1943, mentions a dream about her grandmother. Anne refers to her grandmother's kindness, the interest she took in all family activities, and the fact that she always stood up for Anne.

On March 3, 1944, Anne mentions her grandmother again, as "someone who watches over and protects me and makes me feel happy again."

Anne's diary also refers to her grandmother as a guardian angel.

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David Morrison eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Anne's maternal grandmother comes to be a very important symbol in her diary. The old lady died before Anne and her family were forced into hiding, but the memory of her remains strong. She comes to symbolize much-needed hope in the midst of all the suffering and anxiety that Anne and her family are forced to endure on a daily basis. Anne often dreams about her grandmother, in which she appears as a guardian angel figure, watching over her family. Her visions and dreams prove to be a great source of comfort to Anne as the days drag by in the confines of the secret annex. They're also a source of strength, which Anne needs more than anything else if she's to survive the numerous challenges of an existence fraught with constant danger.

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aecran1 | Student

Anne Frank lived in a deeply disturbing and despairing time period. Anne was forced into hiding because of the Holocaust. As she, and her family, lived in the space behind their friends bookcase she would often dream about her grandmother. While her grandmother could not be their for the family, as she had passed away, the dreams would provide comfort to Anne. The young girl saw these dreams as a sign of hope, a sign that everything would work out find in the end. She dreamed that her grandmother would be watching over her and as such she would turn out fine in the end. This belief that everything would be fine allowed her to have strength. This strength helped her to provided emotional support for herself and well as for the rest of her family.