How did the animals feel after the Battle of the Cowshed, especially Snowball and Boxer?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Snowball studies battles and decides to head up the Battle of the Cowshed. He proves himself a hero along with Boxer. Snowball and Boxer both receive awards honoring their triumphant victory over the humans.  

After the Battle of the Cowshed, Snowball and Boxer are heroes. They prove themselves valiant and receive medals as an award for their bravery in fighting the humans:

Snowball and Boxer each receive medals with the inscription “Animal Hero, First Class.” 

Snowball had been studying military strategies as he heads up the Battle of the Cowshed. The humans think the animals have retreated. Of course, they are only hiding in the cowshed. When the humans advance, the animals charge in and defeat the humans. Snowball and Boxer are pleased with the results. Of course, Boxer is upset that he may have killed a stable boy in the process.

Overall. the animals prove themselves stronger than the humans in the Battle of the Cowshed. The humans are quickly surrounded by the animals. 

Quickly they are surrounded and defeated by the well-disciplined and well-organized animal forces. The two heroes are Snowball, who is wounded by pellets fired from Jones’s gun, and Boxer. For their roles in the Battle of the Cowshed, as it is called, they are each awarded a military decoration of “Animal Hero, First Class.”