How did Amir's relationship with his father influence his treatment of Hassan?

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When Amir was growing up, he struggled to gain his father's attention and often felt unloved. Although Baba cared for Amir, he was battling his own demons, in particular, the fact that he had an illegitimate Hazara son, Hassan. Baba also viewed Amir as weak and feminine because he enjoyed reading and writing instead of masculine activities. Amir was also not athletic which upset Baba who seemed ashamed of his son. Furthermore, Baba seemed to favor Hassan more than his son and was always sure to include Hassan during activities with Amir. Amir's desire to gain his father's affection adversely affected his relationship with Hassan. Amir began to resent the fact that his father favored Hassan and began to take his anger out on Hassan. Since Hassan could not read, Amir fooled with him by telling Hassan that he was an imbecile and saying that it meant he was intelligent. Amir would often lie to Hassan and play tricks on him. Ultimately, Amir's desire for his father's approval was one of the reasons he neglected to help Hassan while he was being raped. Afterward, Amir could not live with the guilt and his decision to not help Hassan ruined their friendship.

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