How did the American Revolution affect other countries?

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First, the American Revolution was just one in a series of costly wars for France which ultimately bankrupted the country and toppled the Bourbon dynasty there.  The American Revolution also affected Spain and the Netherlands in the sense that war profiteers benefited from the Revolution.  The American Revolution inspired other revolutions in Haiti and France where the people sought to rise above their oppressors.  In the 1840s Europeans sought liberal reforms based on the ideals of the American Revolution--this revolution inspired the idea that government of the people was ideal.  

The American Revolution has also been used with America's enemies. Castro in Cuba cited it as well as Ho Chi Minh in North Vietnam.  Emilio Aguinaldo cited it extensively in the Philippine insurrection.  The American Revolution continues to inspire oppressed people even today.  

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The American Revolution had an impact on other countries. The American Revolution served as a model for other countries to follow when they decided to become free from their colonial rulers. Thirteen years after the American Revolution started, France had a revolution that was modeled after our revolution. When Texas fought for its independence from Mexico, they issued the Texas Declaration of Independence. The text is very similar to the text in our Declaration of Independence. Other countries also used our Declaration of Independence as a guide for their fight for freedom. Over half of the countries in the United Nations have a declaration of independence that resembles ours in some way. Vietnam, Israel, and Venezuela are a few of the many examples that exist.

The Declaration of Independence was a big part of our independence movement. The various parts of the Declaration of Independence explained why nations should fight for their freedom. It explains what rights people have, what the government should do with those rights, and what should happen if the government fails to do its job regarding these rights. Other countries have used the concepts and ideas in the Declaration of Independence as a basis for their revolutions.


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