How did the American Revolution affect other countries?

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The American Revolution was unique in that its impact spread far beyond the borders of the newly created nation. This was the very first instance of a nation rising up out of the oppression of another one and creating a democratic government—at least in modern history. The established European powers had taken control of much of the world by the time of the American Revolution and had created colonies across numerous continents. This structure was threatened by the American Revolution.

Obviously, the European nations were greatly impacted. For one, Britain lost a massive colony and also suffered a surprising military defeat. This empowered its adversaries—France, Spain, and Portugal primarily. Britain lost the economic gain that came from owning such a large colony, and so they suffered a great deal as a result of the Revolution.

In addition to these changes, it also encouraged other nations to consider revolution themselves, starting a chain reaction of monarchies and colonialist...

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