How did American colonists gain their independence?

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The American colonists gained their independence from Britain after a long struggle. At first, the colonists began to peacefully protest laws and policies they felt were unfair. These included policies over taxation and expansion to western lands. When their protests appeared to not be unheard, they stepped up their nonviolent actions. For example, they organized boycotts of British products.

Eventually, when blood was shed at the Boston Massacre and really harsh laws were passed after the Boston Tea Party, the colonists decided more actions were needed. Eventually, they decided to organize militias. These militias were established in case armed conflict would occur. The armed conflict eventually did occur. After the battles at Lexington and Concord, colonists began to seriously consider independence. Eventually, the Declaration of Independence was written. After this was issued, we went to war with Great Britain.

We then had to fight for our freedom. With the skilled leadership of George Washington along with colonists who were committed to a cause for which to fight, the colonists began to win battles. This helped bring us aid from France and Spain. Eventually, we surrounded the British at Yorktown. Here, the British surrendered, and the war ended. We were now an independent nation.