How did America after the Spanish-American war act as a "great power" in world affairs, especially in Asia?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the Spanish-American War, the United States asserted its power more in various places around the world.  If you want to talk mainly about Asia, let us look at four things:

  • The taking of the Philippines.  The US took the Philippines, first from the Spanish and then by fighting Filipino independence fighters.  It then used the Philippines as a colony and a military base.
  • The "Open Door" in China.  In this case, the US demanded equal access (with European countries and Japan) to China.
  • The Great White Fleet.  The US sent a fleet around the world, including to Asia, as a way of showing its power.
  • Theodore Roosevelt's mediation of the Russo-Japanese War.  TR acted as a mediator to put an end to this war between Russia and Japan.

In all of these ways, the US was showing that it felt that it was strong enough to take a leading role in Asia.  It was acting as a country that deserved to be involved in the affairs of this area, even though it was far from the continental US.