How did African Americans face discrimination in the mid 1800s?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

African Americans faced discrimination in the mid 1800s in many ways.  Many Americans believed in the concept of a superior race.  They believed the white race was superior and the treated the African Americans poorly because of this. In the south, many African Americans were slaves.  They had no freedoms, no education, and no rights.  For African Americans who were free, they were dealt with poorly. Educational opportunities were limited. Those that did exist often were in a segregated environment.  Job opportunities were limited.  African Americans often worked as servants for white people. Voting opportunities were restricted for many African Americans.  African Americans were usually not elected to public office.  Even though slavery was over in the north by 1850, most northerners didn’t place a high priority on ending slavery.  They also supported the concept of a superior race. Segregation existed throughout the north and the south.  African Americans found it very difficult to improve their condition economically. In the mid 1800s, African Americans experienced a lot of discrimination.