How did Abigail manipulate Reverend Parris?

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Abigail manipulates her uncle, Reverend Parris, throughout The Crucible with her lies. She not only lies about what she and the other girls were doing in the woods with Tituba, but she also lies to him about why she was fired by Elizabeth Proctor.  Abigail tells Parris that they were merely dancing in the woods until Betty and other girls begin to fall prey to the pressure being put upon them by their parents and the community.  When Tituba “confesses”, Abigail sees the opportunity to get out of trouble for going to the woods.  Suddenly, Abigail is able to point out witches and accuse others of “trafficking with the devil”.  Her lies change the community forever as the judges and Reverend Parris are willing to believe her.  Parris is afraid of losing his job as the town minister so it is in his best interest to go along with Abigail’s deception and fight against the witches and the devil supposedly present in Salem.

To save herself and her reputation, Abigail also lies to Parris as to why she was fired from the Proctor household. She tells him that Elizabeth was cold and mean and only wanted a slave.  Although Parris is suspicious, he goes along with her lies because he is too concerned with saving himself and his job. 

Abigail is a master manipulator because she knows how to lie and get what she wants.  Parris is a weak man who fears he will lose everything if it is found out that Abigail has been deceitful as well as a harlot for having an affair with John Proctor. 

In the end, Abigail sneaks out of Salem without taking any responsibility for the chaos and deaths she causes in Salem.

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