How is determination shown by the the characters in The Great Gatsby?  

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e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gatsby presents the best example of determination in the novel. He is set on his course and refuses to deviate from it regardless of what may stand in his way. 

Gatsby intends to marry Daisy and fulfill his romantic vision with her as his wife. He plots and plans and agonizes over this goal, not dissuaded by the fact that Daisy is married and has a child. His vision of attaining Daisy drives his whole life and becomes his obsession. 

He had thrown himself into it with a creative passion...

Gatsby's determination is also seen in the degree of his success. He achieved wealth after starting with nothing. 

His boldness and determination are the qualities that got him rich. It is his determination that, in fact, gives him his name. 

Perhaps the best example of Gatsby's determination comes in his decision to stand outside Daisy's house the night Myrtle is killed. At this point, Nick sees clearly that Gatsby cannot convince Daisy to leave Tom. Gatsby, however, refuses to acknowledge this. 

Even after what happened, he insists on standing vigil outside her window because he will not give up on his dream. 

paean | Student
Myrtle has determination to get out of the Valley Of Ashes, this is evident by here affair with Tom, She doesn't mind being mistreated (When he hit her), all she cares is getting out of the Valley Of Ashes. That is her determination Gatsby has determination to get Daisy back into his life, he has been determined since he heard that Daisy is getting married to Tom, he has done all that he thinks is necessary to get Daisy back, he has gone from being a respected figure in the war to being a criminal dealing with illegal liquor to gain his wealth. He is determined to get Daisy at any cost, even if it means breaking up Tom and Daisy
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