How can I design an intervention to prevent teen pregnancies in the US?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many interventions to prevent teen pregnancy in the United States focus on girls, emphasizing how pregnancy can derail their lives, trap them in poverty, and have serious health risks, especially because the process of becoming pregnant involves having unprotected sexual encounters. 

For your assignment, you might take a less common approach of focusing on teenage boys. After all, it does take two people to create a pregnancy. Any intervention, to be successful, needs to educate young men about both the negative consequences of unprotected sexual activity and promote cultural change. Many boys in poorer communities in the United States are brought up in cultures where impregnating girls serves as a rite of passage and proof of masculinity. To change this culture, it would be necessary to enlist figures they are likely to admire, such as professional athletes and hip hop stars, and have them convey messages both about the negative health and financial consequences of paternity and other ways to productively demonstrate maturity and masculinity. 

To engage the attention of teenage boys, it might be best to make music videos distributed for free on social media and YouTube with various stars focusing on the message. 

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